A Critical Shot is a shot that does much more damage against an enemy then a normal shot. If the player is playing in 1-player mode, then Hutch will automatically lock onto the target and yellow reticule will appear around them. If the player keeps the target in their sights for long enough then the reticule will turn red. If the player shoots at the vehicle at this point then extra damage will be done to it. The player will also get 5-times higher Viewer Rating bonus from a critical shot then a normal shot. If the player is playing 2-player mode, then the reticule will not automatically lock onto the target and the second player will have to move it around the screen, aim it at the target, and fire. If the shooting player hits their target in 2-player mode, then the shot is automatically a critical hit. In both one and two player mode, Starsky will compliment Hutch when ever he gets a critical shot by saying things like; "Great shot partner!" or "Right on target!".

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